About Us

We live near a little village called Gundaroo in NSW Australia.

A short trip north west from the heart of this tiny town gets you onto dirt roads lined with gum trees, dust and small farms. Driving home against the low light of a winters evening we turn into our road and smile and remember the first visit to the place we now love as home. A place where we care for our grasslands, celebrate our trees,  grow food, nurture our animals and cultivate friendships and community.

So where does lard fit in? When you kill a pig and make the decision to eat everything from  the blood that pulses out of it veins to the fat that wraps its body in warmth, you realise that you need friends, preferably neighbours who can toil and share and celebrate this awesome event with you. You need the help of like minded souls that dream and research and believe in chorizo that you are prepared to die for – people that are happy to render lard into the small hours of the morning and not worry that their houses, their clothes and their dreams are filled with the essence of pig. We are humbled by the fact that this priviledge is ours and we want to share what we are learning with you.

Three cheers for pigs!

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